5. Modifying CSPM defaults

By default, the number of "range bars" along the y-coordinate of each histogram is five. When there is no activity for a particular device, CSPM provides default values of 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, and 0.8. Once activity begins on the device, CSPM sets the five values in equal increments from 0 to the peak data value collected in each collection interval. Sometimes the grid lines fall directly on the range bar numbers, making the numbers hard to read. You can either adjust the color of the grid lines, adjust the collection interval, or try to ignore the grid lines.

You can modify the default grid, sizing, and monitoring settings for each of the views from the Preferences pulldown. From the Preferences pulldown, you can select System, Tests, CPU, Memory, Network, Storage or IRQs. Once you select a particular item, you can view the Grid, Monitoring, or Sizing tab (if applicable) for that item.

From the Grid tab you can change such things as:

From the Monitor tab you can change things such as:

From the Sizing tab you can change the minimum height and width of the display boxes (in pixels).